What They’re Saying About Camilla

“I was astonished with the concise factual precision Camilla Ventham Fraser exhibited throughout the reading-the names of friends, family, acquaintances, deceased relatives, places I was from- even my own house number! Such perfect details and she knew things no one else knows, remarkable, shocking, inexplicable consequently an awesome experience!”


“You where right about the twilight, I find the amino acid dl-phenylalanine makes a world of difference-you can get it from most health food shops its not a drug, but gives you your head back when its grey it also helps energy levels. Two before bed or in the morning.”


“I was in a hopeless relationship but too naive to view it from a position of clarity. Upon seeing Camilla Ventham Fraser I received the blunt insight I needed to walk away from the toxic partner who was unfaithful. I will always be grateful for her down to earth direct reading-she didn't tell me what I wanted to hear, but what I needed to hear and now I'm in a much better place for it. I cannot recommend her enough, I got real peace of mind from an immensely accurate reading, I have given her number to friends and will certainly see her again-highly recommended.”

Collette S.London

“A number of years ago I became incredibly ill, with what doctors told me was incurable.I had a reading with Camilla Ventham Fraser and she told me I would become completely well in time.
Two years passed and numerous operations and I'm now nearly there thanks to brand new technology just brought out.If she had not told me I would have gotten well, I wouldn't have had the faith and strength I needed to endure the painful hospital treatments.

What is wise about her, is that she never told me what I would go through to get there-which if I had known I would have freaked,she simply told me what I needed to know to keep on pushing and trying,I owe her more than I can say

I was terribly blessed to have her read for me it gave me the guts I needed to keep going through hell- a brilliant woman.”