I’m Camilla.

My services are aimed at helping you deal with grief or when you are looking for a missing person or pet, wanting to clear a haunted space, interpret your dreams or locate a lost item. You may feel you are suffering from past life regression or are wondering why your life seems to follow certain patterns.

These are all issues I can assist with, using crystal ball, palm, tarot and other spiritual media. You don’t have to visit me alone. I am also happy to provide group sittings, party bookings, and public demonstrations. I have appeared on TV, radio, press and at gala and corporate events, including BBC1 and 2, ITV, Channel 4, Channel 5, Cable TV, Living TV, The Independent, The Sun, The Daily Mail and The News Of The World.

My ancestors have been actively involved in psychic matters for centuries. I come from a long line of gifted psychics, with my great Aunts being platform mediums, Cousins able to spiritually heal through the Christian Scientist faith.  My Mother seeing poltergists and having the strong sense of second sight. My Ventham relatives specifically blessed with beautiful artistry, writing and philanthropic activities.

I rely on my Angels to tell me about other people”s futures. The predictions are quite remarkable. In my life, the future has always been told to me correctly by my Guides, and this gives me peace, hope and inner strength.  All my work has been “front of house” meeting & greeting people everyday.  I have had my own psychic show in the past, & worked on radio, T.V and numerous times on corporate, Gala events. My edict in life is Duty, Devotion and Sacrifice.  To serve.